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If you wish to build a house in France,

you are in the right place!


EUROMAISONS is a house building company. We are based in Sierentz, halfway between Basel and Mulhouse. We build houses in the area of the three borders, such as in Saint-Louis, Huningue, Hegenheim, Bartenheim, Leymen, Kembs...


It has been our core business for almost 30 years. EUROMAISONS is the evolution of a family business of which Mr. LO BRUTTO is the founder. His job as a mason led him to develop his activity in the real estate sector. His sons took over the business.

Building a house, often the house of a lifetime, is serious matter.

We give it our full attention and we are constantly looking for our customers' satisfaction.

We hope that our many years of experience and our demand for a job well done, will convince you to come and meet us.



EUROMAISONS has built hundreds of houses in France

in Haut-Rhin and Alsace.


Most of our projects are located in the area close to the Swiss border.


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Close to Basel for work or outings, or rather in the green countryside, quiet, with access to the highway, or all that at once? Your heart will choose.

Through the files of our land partners, we can offer you a plot of land on which to build your house. You can check out our field selection by clicking here.


We also offer new construction programs on our land. Check out our home+land offers by clicking here.

Contact us and we will help you find your future place to live.


We have a catalogue with models of predefined houses. It's a foundation that allows you to find inspiration.

Link to see our models

We customize all the plans of our homes. We listen to your wishes and translate them into your project. We design your custom home.

Every house is as unique as you.

See some custom-designed examples




We're listening. Tell us how you envision living in your home and we will design your home to make you feel wonderful.

EUROMAISONS, has its own internal design office. Two designers are responsible for making accurate plans and realistic perspectives with high-performance computer software. You will have a glimpse of what your home will look like.

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We need to know your budget in order to develop a suitable project.

We can accompany you to find financing of your construction with French banks.

The notaries also speak English and will allow you to buy your land in peace, for everything will be well explained to you.

We can also guide you and help you in other steps in order to prepare your arrival in France succesfully.

Building contract


We sign a construction contract that meets many requirements. It is a very protective contract for our customers. For example, the price concluded will not vary. We are also committed to the construction time. A detailed record describes precisely the work done, with what materials, what type of device. It is very framed and serious. There are no surprises because everything is written beforehand.

Many guarantees are included, such as the guarantee of repayment of the down payment if the contract becomes void. The house is insured for 10 years by the Damaged work.



You do not yet know the French bureaucracy and its many forms? Rest assured, we are also involved in the administrative process.

We are developing the application for a building permit and will follow the file until it is obtained. We will also help you in the steps necessary to connect the house to the various networks.

You can count on our support.


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We implement traditional materials for functional and sustainable construction:

Reinforced concrete for basement walls and floors, insulating terracotta bricks for the house, a solid fir frame, terracotta tiles for the cover, zinc for the zinguerie, the aluminum front door... are solid materials that will last longer than a lifetime.



At the same time, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to keep up with technological developments.

Insulating current houses allows you to save on heating. The heat pump heats the floors of the house and also produces hot sanitary water. The shutters and the garage door are motorized. The shutters are hidden in the thickness of the walls ...

We'll be happy to meet you

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The dynamic team


The whole EUROMAISONS team.

The company's employees have a long seniority at EUROMAISONS;

This translates into great, cohesive team work and a good atmosphere.

Each of them has strong skills in their field, acquired during their past and present professional careers. This expertise is available to you for the construction of your home, in accordance with the rules of the art and compliance with the standards in force.



Meet us


Our offices are located:

1A rue des Celtes  68510 SIERENTZ

It's easy to find our premises and park there.


You can contact us by phone or ask to be called back.

We will put you in touch with one of our employees who speaks your language.

It's important that you feel comfortable with us.


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